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Image of Kubota 12-Compartment Organizer

Kubota 12-Compartment Organizer

The ideal storage for small items, the Kubota 12-Compartment Organizer features large compartments for easy access, as well as a clear break-resistant lid.

Image of Kubota 49cm (19") Tool Box with Clear Organizer Top

Kubota 49cm (19") Tool Box with Clear Organizer Top

Give your rugged tools a new place to call home with this classically designed Kubota 49cm (19") Tool Box, complete with built-in top lid organizer! This handy Kubota tool box is guaranteed to tidy any workbench, by collecting tools - big or small - and...

Image of Kubota 5-Piece Clamp Set

Kubota 5-Piece Clamp Set

Ensure you have all of the clamps you need for your next home improvement project with the Kubota 5-Piece Clamp Set, which also includes a case. Two 15.2cm (6�) mini one-hand clamps, two 5.1cm (2�) spring clamps, and one 7.6cm (3�)...

Image of Kubota 61cm (24") Tool Tote & Organizer with Transparent Lid

Kubota 61cm (24") Tool Tote & Organizer with Transparent Lid

Keep all of your tools organized with the Kubota Tool Tote & Organizer, which features a transparent lid, and large storage compartments. Both the tool tote and the tool tray and organizer measure 61cm (24�).

Image of Kubota 9 LED Flashlight Combo - 6-Pack

Kubota 9 LED Flashlight Combo - 6-Pack

This Kubota LED flashlight combo comes with 6 individual ones which has lightweight aluminum construction and is good for hiking and travelling.

Image of Kubota Garden Wagon with Dump Bin

Kubota Garden Wagon with Dump Bin

Carry all of your gardening tools and other heavy supplies with ease with the Kubota Garden Wagon, which offers a quick release dump feature. You can haul up to 120kg (264 lbs) with this wagon.

Image of Kubota LED Aluminum Flashlight

Kubota LED Aluminum Flashlight

Light up the way in front of you with the durable Kubota LED Aluminum Flashlight, which features 13 LED bulbs, and a maximum output of 24 lumens. A built-in bottle opener is also included for added convenience.

Image of Kubota Multi Storage System

Kubota Multi Storage System

Conveniently store all of your small parts and accessories with the Kubota Multi Storage System, which offers nine small bins and twelve large bins. The ultra-rigid polystyrene bins are organized into three interlocking rows. Storage System Features Ultra-rigid...

Image of Kubota Soft Tool Bag

Kubota Soft Tool Bag

Carry all of your tools in the Kubota Soft Tool Bag, which features ten outside pockets, eight inside pockets, and a detachable carrying strap. There is also triple stitching on the pockets, and reinforced rivets at the pressure points for added strength...

Image of Kubota Thermal Grip Gloves

Kubota Thermal Grip Gloves

Keep your hands warm on all of your outside jobs with the cold resistant, acrylic knitted Kubota Thermal Grip Gloves, which are also thumb coated. These gloves also feature nap lining for additional warmth.