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Other online business filing services

Over 10 years of service

Some online providers have been in operation for less than a year. Be careful of online ‘fly by night’ operators.

Small business expertise

Our focus is small business. Other companies, such as legalzoom™, spread their resources across personal products also. Intuit’s expansive product line within QuickBooks® stands as a testament to our commitment in revolutionizing the way people manage their small businesses.

State Forms Requirement Assurance

Other sites may give you pricing for your state, but do not list the comprehensive state-specific requirements as part of the interview process.

Displays REAL fees


Other sites may mislead the viewer, while we clearly state the real fees for rush orders and each state.

Easy, over-the-phone assistance

Some sites limit access or visibility to personal support, while MyCorporation is very clear that our U.S.-based agents are available for FREE UNLIMITED Toll-Free or E-mail support.

Processing time

24 hours

Other sites do not give a commitment to beginning the filing process or personally confirming an order within 24 hours of receiving an application.

Complete turnaround time* (Inc. or LLC)

5 to 45 business days

State filing times vary by state, but other online providers fail to list turnaround time. At MyCorporation, our filing experts will keep you updated every step of the way.

Product Breadth

Post-formations (DBA, EIN, Foreign Qualification)
My IncGuardTM
Compliance Management alerts

Do not have the breadth of products or services to manage and maintain your LLC or incorporation as well. We offer a complete line of legal business filing services.

FREE QuickBooks Simple Start



FREE Inc or LLC Guide


The typical online filing service does not provide these materials.

Featured in articles (e.g.,


Majority of online competitors has not received public acknowledgment of their services.

Backed by solid parent company

the makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax

Majority of other online filing services are private businesses with questionable experience.

*Includes state filing time

What MyCorporation clients are saying:

"MyCorporation is amazing! It was fast, easy and affordable. The Impeccable staff has great follow-up, listening skills, professionalism, and someone always picks up the phone. Highly recommended!"

Novak Investments Corp
Wayne Novak, Tucson AZ

“MyCorporation helped me go through a change that I was not looking forward to, but with their help, it was resolved on time. … I was able to take care of my future and gain the new enterprise…”

T3 Enterprises, LLC
Daniel P. Threatt, Antioch TN