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Image of Peet Original Foot Dryer - Black

Peet Original Foot Dryer - Black

Reliable and long-lasting the Original PEET Dryer was the very first to remove wet and sweat from footwear for comfort and health. Simply put the Original PEET Dryer has no bells or whistles it just works really well. It dries your footwear naturally...

Image of Peet Pee Wee Dryer - Red

Peet Pee Wee Dryer - Red

Everyone in the family no matter how young enjoys waking up to the comfort of PEET Dry footwear. For toddlers who manage to find every puddle to splash in the PeeWee PEET Dryer makes good common sense. But even if your child's footwear is just subjected...

Image of Peet Personal Hydration System Dryer

Peet Personal Hydration System Dryer

Design produces warm airflow circulation that inhibts growth of mold mildew and bacteria. Fits reservoirs with 3 inch openings or larger. Adjustable for large and small capacity reservoirs. Very easy to use. No tablets chemicals or special tools needed....

Image of Peet Propane Boot And Gear Dryer - Black

Peet Propane Boot And Gear Dryer - Black

Now you can dry footwear hats and gloves and other items just about anywhere with PEET 's Propane PEET! A single standard 16 oz propane canister provides 60 hours of drying power. Get ready to enjoy that wonderful feeling of putting your feet into completely...

Image of Peet Wader Dryer - Black

Peet Wader Dryer - Black

The Wader PEET Dryer makes a perfect gift for the fisherman who has 'everything'. It comes with the two pair of 12 inch AirChamber Extensions needed to adapt the Original PEET Dryer (included) for effectively and efficiently drying tall taller and tallest...